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High speed internet access via broadband cable and comfortable surf- and call flat rates are nowadays a common standard. Customary in the market are broadband connections with maximal data transfer rates between six and 16 MBit/s, regional providers may even deliver higher bit rates up to 20 MBit/s. Beyond this standard the leading providers develop their net capacities for high speed internet via broadband copper cables wit data transfer rates up to 50 Mbit/s.

Broadband speed test for comfortable multimedia access

At least you will find these turbo bit rates in the commercials of all telecom providers in the broadband market – however real data transfer rates may often be somehow different. The background: The providers advertise the maximum performance of their broadband networks. Especially if you are interested in the real turbo internet with a 50 Mbit/s performance but also for all other broadband offers therefore a broadband speed test – ideally before the final order of the package – is highly recommended.


For a really comfortable usage of modern multimedia features – video streams, movie downloads, online games or an effective connection to the virtual data cloud – a bit rate of about 16 MBit/s will be regularly the minimum requirement. A broadband speed test clears within some seconds if your internet connection fulfils this precondition for comfortable internet and media sessions.


Our broadband speed test checks the speed performance of your broadband internet connection based on your real post address – please test it here.

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No broadband internet – or too low speed?

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Still before a broadband speed test you may also check the general availability of broadband internet in your region – despite meanwhile ubiquitary coverage the digital maps show several “white spots”. If you find out that you live in such an area respectively at a spot with intolerably low broadband bit rates you will mostly have a small bouquet of broadband alternatives as mobile high speed internet via UMTS/HDSPA or ideally already the new 4G standard.